Are your venues all-inclusive?

Yes! Our venues are unique in the sense that we do all the hard work for you! The pricing is all-inclusive and includes staffing, Limited furniture, Onsite coordinator, lighting, food, and beverages. We allow approved vendors to come in to make the event extra special! Need recommendations We got those too. Contact us today to start planning the perfect event!

If we book an outdoor location and it rains what happens?

Luckily we own 5 of the best spaces in San Diego! We will discuss where would be the next best accommodation for your group once rain is determined to be in the forecast for your event. No need to worry about rain ruining your event, we got you covered! 

How long will I have access to the venue?

Unless specified quotes are given in 2-hour increments. Vendors can access the space prior to set up if needed but, the event coordinator must be made aware ahead of time. 

Do the venues have parking for guests?

Yes, all of our venues with the exception of Avenue offer you and your guests complimentary parking for up to two hours. 

Can I bring my own alcohol or food to the venue?

Unfortunately due to our venue licensing, we can not accommodate outside food or beverage caterers. However, we do welcome Birthday cakes and desserts of that nature there is a cake-cutting fee added on to accommodate. 

Is there any way to host and have guests pay their own checks?

We do offer bar guarantees in some limited spaces within the group. Please submit an inquiry form to find out more about this option! 

Are your venues 21+?

Some of our venues are 21 + but, not all. We would love to find the perfect venue for your group!